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  • Writer's pictureCristina Balan The talent of ex-Ambassador of Moldova to USA, Cristina Balan, soothes sight and soul

Cristina Balan, the former Ambassador to the United States of America is attracted to the abstract art and to the unknown. Another painting that transmits love, the Circle of Life and perfection has been recently finalized and has been titled “Where is Love”. The creation process of this work has been video recorded and placed on the Youtube channel of the former diplomat.

The polyptich is formed of four paintings, 40x40 cm each, and was created by using acrylic on canvas. “These are four paintings as a part of one work, representing a circle. The shape and colors play the main part in these abstract paintings. The circle represents the Circle of Life, eternity, wholeness, completion, perfection... Red represents Love. Gray is neutrality. The dark blue color reminds of the Universe”, the painting description says.

In the beginning of December, Cristina Balan donated one of her works for a noble cause. The painting was sold at a charity dinner to raise funds for people with incurable illness.

Cristina Balan’s dream came true, after her works have been featured in art galleries from New York, Tokyo and Europe. Recently, her painting has been featured on the cover of a modern art magazine from Spain.

Iurie Matei, the great artist with the honorary title “Master of Art” and “Artist of the People”, appreciated Cristina Balan’s style and perseverance. “Cristina is pretty curious, I hope very much she will invite us to more of her art exhibitions to see more paintings and more themes, which is natural for an artist” artist Matei affirms.

Cristina was the first and only woman who had the position of an Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in USA.

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