About Cristina Balan

Born in Moldova, Cristina Balan studied the arts from the age of five. Very early on, her works were exhibited at various artistic performances in Moldova and abroad. The fall of the Soviet Union paused Cristina’s creative ascension and she focused on private business to be able to support herself. In her thirties, she became a prominent business community leader, and at 41 was appointed the Moldovan Ambassador to the United States, the first woman from Eastern Europe to hold such a high-level position.

In 2019, Cristina decided to return full-time to art, her abstract paintings being quickly noticed and appreciated by the public. Contemporary art magazines, including Diafano (Spain) and Art Hole (UK), published her art works. The art experts tagged her as a “smash-hit-ho-be” and her paintings have been displayed in art shows in Washington D.C. and New York City. Currently, Cristina’s works are featured by the NYC Gallery 104, Tokyo-based TriCera Gallery, and Barcelona Art Nou Milleni Gallery, as well as by the top online art platforms OnlineGallery.art and artsy.net.

“I create art that hopefully goes straight to the heart. My purpose is to create bridges from the unseen to that what is seen, mirrors where people can see their reflection and feel the connection with their cosmic origins.”