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My work in Diafano Modern Art Magazine, Spain

I am happy that Diafano, a Barcelona-based modern art magazine, published eight of my works in their Vol 3 Issue 4 . Needless to say that finding my piece on the cover was a great encouragement and confirmation that I am on the right path.

Spain is one of my favorite countries. I spent many summer vacations there. I love its nature, the beach, the food and its warm people, of course. Spain has long been an artistic powerhouse, it’s the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró. Pioneers of contemporary art movements such as cubism and surrealism enshrined their legacies into this country’s identity.

I bumped into Diafano on Instagram accidentally. Well, nothing is an accident, to those who believe in the Divine plan. They called for emerging artists to submit their works. I uploaded two photos of my recent minimalist pieces and my email address on their website. That’s it. They don’t ask for your bio and any other stuff. If they like your work, they talk to you.

Diafano is a magazine run by talented people that chose a noble mission to help artists overcome the challenges they face in sharing their work. They believe in a world in which there is no good or bad art, each one decides what they feel when they contemplate it. This totally resonates with me.

Diafano asked if I’d be interested in an interview and I agreed. Below is an excerpt from it. And then they chose my piece for the cover. Its not my first cover, I was fortunate to be featured on the cover of the Washington Life magazine and The Washington Diplomat before.

Please find the full interview and my works in Vol. 3 Issue 4 here or just find an excerpt from it below. Cheers!

"I studied arts from the age of five, when it became clear to everyone around that it was my vocation. My mother took me to a Moldovan Jewish painter who would give classes to several gifted children, selected by her. This is how it started. My teacher would let me do whatever I wanted to do, slightly giving directions and helping through the process. I am grateful that she was not trying to “fit me in the mold”, as it was common in those times in my part of the world.

At the age of ten, I enrolled into a school of fine arts, where I learned all the basics of classic arts. Schools in the Soviet Union were very tough, all subjects were taken super seriously. My works have been instantly taken by teachers to various exhibitions, or to be used as examples for the future classes. My plan was to continue my studies at

the Academy of Arts from Saint Petersburg, but the Soviet Union collapsed and I had to get a job that would help me face the new realities.

I built a successful career. In my mid-twenties I was managing a team of sixty people, in my thirties I was recognized as the top CEO in Moldova, at the age of forty I was recognized as a top woman politician in Moldova. My last job was of an Ambassador of Moldova to the United States of America, a position that was never granted before to a woman in my country and even the region.

After a totally blank screen for over twenty years, I finally returned to art. It came with my spiritual awakening. A year ago, I asked a painter friend to come with me to the art supplies store and show me the materials that are used nowadays and briefly explain how they are used. This is how it started."

"I believe that what I do is Energy Art. I create portals that heal and support people on their way of connecting to their true divine essence. I have been experimenting with abstraction, working with acrylic on canvas in different styles and techniques, more in a fun way than stressfully studying what others do. I intentionally chose not to copy others and develop, through the 'trial and error' method, my own style.

"Illusion of Reality” my most recent collection. It is neutral and meditative. Throughout my spiritual development journey, I have been thinking a lot about what is reality and what is the illusion, where one starts and the other one ends, how do we know that the current reality is not an illusion, and that our dreams are not actually creating our reality?

Each shape and color has a specific significance, of course, connected to our Divine self. These are different planes of our existence. We are multidimensional beings, each layer represents an emotion, a state of being, a dimension, a reality or even an illusion. Each work carries its subtle and yet profound messages.

The minimalism of this collection totally represents my style. The truth is simple when you look at it through your heart. I hope this collection will bring as much peace and harmony to others as it does to me. "

"The “VorteXes” is the first collection that I created in 2019. Unconsciously at that time, I started painting vortexes, using acrylic on canvas and molding paste to give structure to my works. I have a large collection of those and I have been noticing that people are drifted into these paintings. I later discovered that in fact I have been depicting swirling centers of energy that can be found anywhere on the Earth and beyond. Their healing energy helps people to make significant decisions in life that they could not otherwise made. It was fascinating because I was in a way reflecting what I was going through. It wasn’t an easy decision to give up a successful career and dive into the unknown by fully dedicating to arts."

"By choosing art as a full-time occupation, I chose to be free. I no longer represent an

organisation or a country, I don’t have to comply with rules or meet expectations. I can freely express my thoughts, feelings and share my knowledge. Freedom can be a little scary when you’re not used to it, especially in the beginning, but if you want to fly you must jump first."

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