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I have met four amazing young artists at a group show “Moldova Has Art” in June of 2022, and decided to join forces and create an artist community, which we titled InSpirArt. As each artists had their own style, we decided to use the Spiral, the symbol of evolution, as our main theme for a series of paintings that will be featured at group shows organized by our community. The art show in Moldovan Artcor Centre was a total blast. Five TV stations and ten online media outlets featured our show.

Here is one review, wrote by fellow artist Arttatito.

“Five creative personalities met, each with their own inner world, vision and way of self-expression. Absolutely separate universes suddenly decided to unite into a powerful four-fold spiral: they intertwined, imbued each other, expanded and created InSpirArt. The birth of such a powerful community immediately illuminated the sky of the creative space, and now the art child is already taking its first steps: on November 2-6, an art show took place, at which artists presented 24 works in completely different styles, but united by one symbol - the Spiral.

Photo: Arttatito

The artists dug very deep, taking as a basis the oldest symbol of mankind and, perhaps, one of the most complex, multi-level symbols.At the exhibition, one could see the form and principle of the spiral in all its manifestations: in wildlife, in space, in the realities of the modern world, in psychology and in human relations.

Artists always open new windows for the viewer, give the keys to the doors to new realities, allowing for expansion and deepening to happen.

It seems that people, more than ever, need to find and realize the starting point, accept the current reality and stop moving in circles. The new energy of development is the spiral energy. It surprisingly combines both past experience and development potential. Turn by turn, up and down. The spiral has no end, it is infinite. So is our development, it should not have an end in knowing ourselves, the world around us.

The creation of InSpirArt is a vivid example of how people come together to create something new, something beautiful. The modern world seems to be testing us, bringing into our reality the power of hostility and separation from each other. The collaboration of these artists shows that completely different scenarios for the development of human relations and humanity as a whole are possible: respect for each other's individuality, acceptance and mutual help, support and unification, can become a new round in the spiral of the world's evolution.”


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