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Hey Ya, Japan!

Updated: May 26, 2020

I am happy to be represented by the Tokyo-based Tricera Art Gallery. Tricera operates and on-line art gallery and has an off-line space, the TRICERA Museum. I feel honored that the Tricera team scouted me and proposed this collaboration. The legal procedures were quite thorough, but my international business background made the process smooth. They have no entry fee and an open-minded, professional team. I posted about ten of my works there.

I committed to this collaboration for several reasons:

1. The Japanese are highly cultured and informed;

2. The COVID didn’t hit them as hard as the US and Europe;

3. They have a great economy and GDP.

4. I believe in Tricera's future.

Japan in one of the few countries that I haven’t explored yet and I am very excited about this collaboration!

Please find my works here: and thanks to Tricera for labeling me as a “SMASH-HIT-TO-BE".

ありがとうございました! あなたを愛しています!

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