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Happy to become part of OnlineGallery.Art

The current situation is not easy for anyone, including artists. Especially for emerging artists who create full-time and have no other sources of revenues. I observe artists posting on social media their works and asking for support. That’s a viable approach, probably, however, how about going on-line, on a broader scale, face some healthy competition and expand your opportunities? We can take this situation as a struggle, but we can take it as an opportunity as well. Everybody stays at home now, both the artists and the art lovers. While the physical galleries are not functioning, the on-line galleries are on!

As any artist, I prefer to create in my studio rather than working on administrative stuff. However, my business, political and diplomatic background taught me that marketing and communication shall not be neglected. After all, no one will take care of us if we don’t take care of ourselves.

Vincent Moleveld, the founder of OnlineGallery.Art, was kind to introduce me to his fast-growing Netherlands-based on-line gallery and invited to become part of it. I had a look and discovered that it doesn’t charge any commissions, which means that the prices can be 30-40% lower that on other platforms, and that it has about 40 thousand art lovers visiting the website on a monthly basis. I uploaded some of my recent works and it was super easy. It took me an hour max to create a profile and upload eight of my works. This platform is very well done, user-friendly and active on all social media possible. I love it!

While I had to postpone two solo art shows, I am using this time to create and expand my visibility on line. Today, my work is displayed already in New York, Europe and very soon will be in Japan. By the time the quarantine will be over, my works will be everywhere.

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