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Energy Art – the Ultimate Form of Abstraction

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Everything vibrates with energy. People, plants, crystals, Earth, and even art. I have been always very aware of energies, since being a child. In 2018, I underwent through a deep spiritual transformation and I decided to ditch my career for art.

I always wanted to become an artist. I studied very seriously arts from the age of five and became a pro in realism very soon. My teachers and parents were really proud of my landscapes and still life paintings. But life had another script for me and I had to do something else until 2018. After a pause of twenty years, I bought a large canvas, molding paste, acrylic paints and created my first painting. It came out to be not a landscape, but a sort of a complex vortex. I had no idea where that image came from or what it meant. Then other works followed, vortexes as well. All with different, yet powerful energy. Then I started wondering whether the concept of Energy Art exists at all, and what is that.

According to the Energy Art Movement, Energy Art is a natural evolution of art trends that preceded it, particularly those trends, which reflect the complexity of civilization. Art can do more than reflect our surroundings, it should aspire to capture the essence of life. The energetic essence of life. So true, why depict ordinary, when there is so much extraordinary? We are multidimensional beings, we are all connected, and all of us respond to energies.

I went farther and studied various energy healing methods from different parts of the world. They only confirmed that energies have a much greater impact on us than we think. We are non-stop transmitters and receivers of energy.

Energy Art depicts what is unseen. It is a universal language of beauty, a mirror where we can see ourselves reflected, and our primeval connection with our cosmic origins. Energy Art is a bridge from the unseen to that what is seen, from the physical to spiritual, from routine to dreams.

Energy Art is the ultimate form of abstraction.

I always stretched my limits and explored what else am I able do. Through Energy Art I truly explore and expand my inner self. I traveled the world, I have been in powerful energy places such as Tibet, Bali and Jerusalem. I lived in many countries, but the most exciting exploration is the one of the worlds and dimensions that are not visible to human eye.

Energy Art is also a form of healing. It opens hearts, uplifts, awakens our latent knowledge that is beyond intellect, and enhances our sense of connection to our Divine selves. Such a magical experience!

We are in a midst of a global energy shift that changes the way we live and relate to each other in ways that we couldn’t even imagine. It IS HAPPENING now! I believe Energy Art will truly help humanity to deal with sometimes rough transformational processes leading towards ascension. This shift affected my personal journey, which in fact is the journey of us all.

Photo: A fragment of my recent painting "Shine Your Light", acrylic on canvas, 91x121 cm/ 36x48'

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