Enjoy my Creations!

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In illuminated color and light-codes, Cristina Balan's art is the pure voice of the soul, beckoning us back home, a loving guide to rediscover our quantum-divine nature. Each exquisite painting especially designed for this purpose, Cristina's work is a devotion, a precious gift, come into the world to uplift and transform humanity, to move beyond all limits, all illusion. There is no higher expression.

Pietro de la Luna, healer, bestselling author of the Yeshu'a series, Founder of "We Are Love"


"We have a very deep connection and bond on so many levels and in so many dimensions. Cristina's art speaks directly to me. Her work is very subtle and it’s easy to just drift off into one of her paintings, and by doing so - drift off into Consciousness and the Universe".

E. Dee Conrad, healer and author of "A New Dawn Awaits"


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